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The Advantages of Fenphedra for Weight Loss

Fenphedra reviewFenphedra is said to be a high performance weight loss supplement. Fenphedra, however, has more edge than other products, simply because of one of the ingredients included in the pill. This product looks very similar to Fenterdren. Here is the list of ingredients:

Dicaffeine Malate is a fancier form of caffeine. There are no studies that can prove that this caffeine is better than the other one.

Chocamine is a cocoa ingredient that contains certain amino acids.

Phenylethylamine is a chemical that helps counteract the jitters that you might feel because of the caffeine elements.

Synephrine is an effective stimulant that is found to be a better substitute to ephedra, though it will not equate to the latter one’s results.

The ingredient that stands out is the Humulus Lupus. This is used to treat insomnia and is very effective in counteracting the effects of the stimulants. This makes Fenphedra much more stable than other products.

Fenohedra does not use proprietary blends. This is a critical thing when looking for something that is truly effective. Proprietary blends on supplement facts hide the actual amount of ingredients available in a pill. This is a mechanism to prevent competition from seeing their formula, and this is disadvantageous to many consumers because they might not be getting the right formula.

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All in all, Fenphedra is a good product and because of the added ingredients, you will not have any problems with the jitters and you will feel more stable in using this weight loss pill.