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The Truth Behind the Hype: a Review on Fenterdren.

fenterdren reviewFenterdren, like most diet pills, sensationalized the hype of their product having the most effective and potent weight loss compound. We may not know who decided on this, and their credentials and the basic ingredients that are inside the product does not make it look like anything better than the others. Let us look at the phenomenal ingredients of Fenterdren:

This product has Dicaffeine malate. This is the combination of caffeine and malic acid. Although there is a study about the fat burning properties of caffeine, there are no studies or research proving that this one is better than the regular one. It may work as good as regular coffee, or it may just be bad.

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The next ingredient is Synephrine. This has been an alternative solution to the now-illegal ephedra ingredient. However, the effect of this ingredient is a far cry from the effects of the illegal ephedra. In one study, it showed that this ingredient only made a 1 kg weight loss in a 6 month period. This is not a good deal for a highly sensationalized product. Read Is Phenocal a scam?

The next one is Phenylethyamine of PEA. This is a chemical which you would find in chocolate. This makes you feel “good”. However, only a trace of this chemical reaches the brain, as it is metabolized and oxidized speedily.

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The benefits of these products are really stretched for this product. It seems like you are only buying a very expensive caffeine pill. The ingredients may be good ones, but they are a far cry from being the most effective and potent weight loss compound available.